24/7 - The world is a venue!

24/7 - The world is a venue!

"The world is my oyster"  (Frankie goes to Hollywood)


So many of us will have felt isolated recently - not just through the pandemic, but also because of the divisiveness used as a political weapon in and between many countries. We're going through a strange time where our science and technology are making huge strides, but humans are too often in conflict and suffering unnecessarily. We are one people, one tribe, one species who need to work together to survive and thrive. It's time we used the technology to increase our interaction, our idea sharing and our creations globally.  Technology is allowing us to forget borders and open our eyes and ears across the world. It is time for a change. 


This website enables a live online gig but with a difference. You can orientate yourself relative to the musicians and you can talk back, clap or cheer.  The Songs & Whispers concept is that when you visit the webpage your avatar will appear on the map and you can visit different countries where a gig might be happening.  You can spin around to take sound from different directions. Come and interact with the artist, talk to them between songs, talk to your fellow listeners.  You don't know when we might need this again - let's try it out. (Words  by Robin Spalding (Rivers of England)


Please click on the picture above or here to get started. Each room of this free version can host twenty (20) visitors maximum simultaneously. We opened two separated rooms using a different picture URL for each room. It is small venue but this is the DNA of "SONGS & WHISPERS". The second room can be found under this link here. Choose your guests carefully. :-) This is what your performance can look like too.


We recommend using Chrome browser. Further details about the platform can be found here


Please enjoy yourself!



Legal disclaimer: Picture taken from  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/88/World_Time_Zones_Map.png. Virtual events are hosted and promoted by the artists . "SONGS & WHISPERS" is not operating as host or involved as promoter in any of the events.