Media and Partners

On facebook we post a variety of things. From artists news to our concerts you will find anything related to "SONGS & WHISPERS". As the largest social network, facebook is an important part of conecting with fans, artists and venues.

On bandcamp all of our back-catalogue is available to listen to, purchase and stream. Bandcamp focuses on a fair distribution of earnings to the artist and puts the music itself in the middle. It offers anything related to music, from vinyl or shirts, to digital music.


"Bandcamp’s mission is to create the best possible service for artists and labels to share and earn money from their music, and for fans to discover and enjoy it. (Source:"

On YouTube we host all of our video. We offer concert recordings, music videos and interviews of artists.

gigmit is an event database and booking management tool for live music professionals and covers the entire booking process from first contact all the way to the deal. The intelligent matching algorithm of is designed to help artists find better gig opportunities and promoters to find the perfect artist for their event. The platform creates a secure and fair business environment by automatically generating deal sheets for successful bookings. (Source:

BackstagePro is on of the most relevant booking platforms in Europe, espacially for the german-speaking market. We are frequently listing gig opportunities there and it is always worth to check out!


"Backstage PRO is one of Germany's largest booking communities. Find the right artists or support acts for your event. Connect with other bands to find gigs. Over 2,000 gig offers per year, 40,000 bands and solo acts from all genres." (Source:

Sonicbids is a bookingplattform which we also use extensivly. Find relevant information and gig opportunites there. Sonicbids has a strong market presence in the US and therefore grants good acess to the US market.


"The Sonicbids gig booking platform is the industry leading way for your band to apply to gigs, book shows and manage your calendar and makes booking shows as simple as clicking a button." (Source:

As a publisher we manage licensing rights of the works of our label acts. To do so, we work with other licensing partners but also use songtradr. We are very proud to be listed as a featured catalogue on songtradr which does help us as a small business generate the largest impact for our artist in terms of synching and licensing opportunities.  


We are a passionate group of musicians, thinkers, builders, coders, business professionals and artist advocates with a simple mission; to revolutionize the process of exchanging music rights and provide unparalleled value for the creative classes. (Source: