"Masquerade of Lullabies" by Nico Rivers releases Friday, 01.10.2021
releases · 26. Juli 2021
On his sophomore release, Nico Rivers takes a departure from the existential to explore his hometown during the lockdown of 2020, Masquerade of Lullabies takes listeners on a journey through the songwriter´s past. The songs also explore new sounds and production styles as Rivers continues to bend the rules of "folk" music and sound design. The album releases on Friday, 01.10.2021 ("SONGS & WHISPERS" / Broken Silence)

"Eight In The Evening In Spring" by Rivers Of England out on Friday, 16.07.2021
releases · 04. Juni 2021
In early 2020, Rivers Of England were preparing to record their third album. When the pandemic took off they decided to continue with the recording project, but it forced them to change how they approached it. The greater time at home coincided with good weather and a period of greater reflection had arrived. Read more in the article here please

"Echo Bloom" - "I Met God" out on Friday, 02.07.2011
releases · 03. Juni 2021
Echo Bloom new single "I Met God" out on Friday, 02.07.2021. "I Met God" is the second single taken from the album "Wake". "Wake releases on Friday, 03.09.2021. Pre-save your copy of the album under please.

"Echo Bloom" - "Dont You Want To Be Loved" out on Friday, 07.05.2011
releases · 04. April 2021
Echo Bloom new single "Dont You Want To Be Loved" out on Friday, 07.05.2021. "Dont You Want To Be Loved" is the first single taken from the album "Wake". "Wake releases on Friday, 03.09.2021. Pre-save your copy of the single under and the album under please.

„Quarantäne. Eine Geschichte voller Geschichten“ - (Hörbuch)
releases · 07. Januar 2021
Quarantäne. Eine Geschichte voller Geschichten Mit dem Hörbuch „Quarantäne. Eine Geschichte voller Geschichten“ beschreitet das Bremer Label „SONGS & WHISPERS“ ( Neuland. Ausgehend von dem „Feuerspuren Erzählfestival“ im Jahr 2020 realisierte Kultur vor Ort e.V. zusammen mit „SONGS & WHISPERS“ die Produktion. Am Freitag, den 26.03.2020 erscheint das Hörbuch als Doppel CD und digital im Handel.

releases · 19. Juni 2020
Stay tuned for the upcoming EP "Islands" by the Australian songwriter Simon Hudson. Simon a singer-songwriter whose highly original music weaves a captivating blend of world, roots and folk, with influences including Carlinhos Brown, The Cat Empire, Jose Gonzalez, Neil Finn, and Paul Simon. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he’s toured throughout Europe, Brazil, Cuba and Australia, solo and with his band. "Islands" releases on 19.06.2020

releases · 23. Januar 2020
Ben Lorentzen kommt im Feburar/März nach Deutschland und präsentiert sein neues Album "KING OF BITTER SORROW" auf einer ausgiebigen Deutschland Tour.