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"SONGS & WHISPERS" @ Hoeg City! Sommer! Fest!
live / tours · 05/16/2023
Thanks for the opportunity and invite! Really looking forward to this one. "SONGS & WHISPERS" @ "Hoeg City! Sommer! Fest!" Friday 30.06.2023 and Saturday 01.07.2023 @ Stage Ansgari - Kirchhof

Daisy Chapman - "She Took Flight" live @ Sendesaal Bremen - Saturday, 06/05/2023; 8pm
live / tours · 03/29/2023
THE DAISY CHAPMAN TRIO “She Took Flight” – Album release concert @ Sendesaal Bremen, Saturday, 06/05/2023; 2000 (8pm). Doors: 1900 (7pm) Singer-songwriter, pianist and string arranger Daisy Chapman is a well-travelled musician who draws influences from both anti-folk and classical music.

"Bobbo Byrnes" announces additional shows to his “So many bars, so many Saturday nights” tour
live / tours · 08/29/2022
Bobbo Byrnes, On tour in Europe in 09/2022! Bobbo Byrnes announces additional shows to his “So many bars, so many Saturday nights” tour that he started in September 2021

Daisy Chapman - announces tour, single and album for 10/2022 and 2023
live / tours · 08/11/2022
Very pleased to announce the upcoming "Starlight - Tour", a new single and further album release news brought to you by Daisy Chapman Many thanks to everybody involved in making this happen under the situation given.

"SONGS & WHISPERS" @ Breminale 2022 - Impressions
live / tours · 07/18/2022
A big shout-out to the whole Breminale team and everybody involved for making those three shows happen again. Thanks for the invite! "SONGS & WHISPERS"

"SONGS & WHISPERS" @ Breminale 2022
live / tours · 07/17/2022
This is happening...! :-) Thanks for the opportunity and inviting several "SONGS & WHISPERS" - ARTIST to perform @ "Breminale 2022"on Sunday, 17.07.2022. Please share the news and bill below. See you there!

"SONGS & WHISPERS" @ Hoeg City! Sommer! Fest!
live / tours · 07/01/2022
It has been a while... thanks for the opportunity and inviting several "SONGS & WHISPERS" - ARTIST to perform @ "Hoeg City! Sommer! Fest!" @ stage Ansgari - Kirchhof on Friday 01.07.2022 and Saturday 02.07.2022. Please share the news and bill below.

Daisy Chapman @ CLUB 100 - OPEN AIR @ PIER 2 (Bremen) on - Saturday 02.10.2021
live / tours · 09/03/2021
I am pleased to announce a very special joint CLUB100 - Bremen concert by Fink and Daisy Chapman on Saturday, 02.10.2021 at Pier2. Many thanks to Clubverstärker Bremen e.V., Revue Gesellschaft für Konzerte und Veranstaltungen mbH for the opportunity to be there.

Live im Club 100 Bremen: AXEL KRUSE & SOMEDAY JACOB
live / tours · 05/18/2021
Eigentlich sollte die Veröffentlichung des Album „Fields“ von Axel Kruse im Jahr 2020 mit einer ausgedehnten Tour begleitet werden. Es kam bekanntermaßen etwas anders… Umso mehr freuen wir uns über die Einladung des Club 100 und präsentieren Axel Kruse und Someday Jacob im Rahmen eines Doppelkonzertes am Dienstag, den 25.05.2021; 2000 Uhr im Pier 2 Bremen, live* und im Stream mit Songs aus ihren aktuellen Veröffentlichungen.

24/7 - The world is a venue!
live / tours · 04/27/2021
So many of us will have felt isolated recently - not just through the pandemic, but also because of the divisiveness used as a political weapon in and between many countries. It's time we used the technology to increase our interaction, our idea sharing and our creations globally. This software enables a live online gig but with a difference. You can orientate yourself relative to the musicians. You can talk back, clap or cheer. You don't know when we might need this again - let's try it out!

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