Adam Donen (RSA)




“A unique talent”
Roger O’ Donnell, The Cure

“A musical poet. RECOMMENDED.”
London TimeOut

Aireene Espiritu (USA)

 "Aireene's songs are mostly originals. They just sound like songs Alan Corney might have collected during one of his cross country recording jaunts. They carry both historic sweep and personal nuance. The melodies are full of bluesy longing, fingerpicked delicately on her tenor ukulele."

Richard Rice, San Francisco Free Folk Festival

Alexander McKenzie & The Underpaid (CAN)




"pure, finespun beauty... McKenzie has a pair of vocal cords that make you believe and feel every word, every sigh, and every crescendo."
OOR magazine

Axel Kruse (D)


“His songs are arranged as litarary works and have a really philosophical claim...There are touchingly sad songs, where the chest voice clings on the in arpeggio played chords...Depending on themes and contents he is changing his style of singing from reserved to explosive...“
Weser Kurier

A seated Craft (AUS)






"Her music weaves narrative folk with well-tempered indie-sensibility; she linkes handmade arrangements with dreamy wordplay and a warm, soft and clear voice."

Ben Lorentzen (NOR/USA)


“Ben Lorentzen has it going on in an enormous way! “Lay Down In The Dark” exudes a sultry blues melody that’s wickedly contagious, full of flowing strings and harmonic accents that add to the melody’s dark voluptuous feel. And Lorentzen’s voice invokes just the right quality of overwhelming urgent longing. Don’t miss “Lay Down In The Dark.” It’s yazum!"
Randy Radic, HUFF POST

Bobbo Byrnes (USA)




"Follows the musical storytelling tradition of Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Gram Parsons."

Buzzard Lope (UK)

"A dark, formidable records"
London In Stereo

The Left Over Sessions

Crypsilon (D)




„Sowas habe ich noch nicht gehört. Innovative, genreübergreifende Musik, die Lust auf mehr macht!“
Simon Raschen, Musik-Produzent

Daisy Chapman (UK)




"Watch this woman, she'll go far"
BBC Introducing

"A sparkling gem of a discovery amongst a myriad of Singer-Songwriter Albums, and one that shines brighter than almost all others"
Metal Discovery

Echo Bloom (USA)

"The title track is a hypnotic and emotional piece of work that soars as much for the composition as a whole as well as the restraint shown by Evans and company vocally. I struggle to compare Evans to another singer vocally - and struggle even more to compare the songwriting to any of his contemporaries. And I think that’s what I like the most about Blue.”
Heidi Drockelman -

Emily Davis (AUS)



‘Hosting ten tracks elegantly carved by an insightful songwriter whose music walks the line between folk and rock, the album sees the seasoned musician depart from her renowned gentle pop-folk style of albums past for a stronger, rockier feel.’

Radio Adelaide

Fast Heart Mart (USA)


"Albuquerque's most famed, most loved, most artistically edgy street music phenomenon!"
Bill Nevins, Albuquerque Arts Magazine

Hanna Fearns (UK/D)




 "Hanna Fearns is a singing poet..."

"'s music for the stranded, lost souls out there that are still full of hope..."
Carsten Agthe, Cabinet Nightflight

Howlin Lord (UK)




"The real thing...killer-song-writing"
Americana UK

"This could be the best Album of 2011"
Maverick Magazine

Ingrid Veerman (BE)

"Dichter bij het ware troubadoursbestaan kan je niet geraken en het levert in het geval van Ingrid Veerman nog een verzameling bijzonder fraai songwerk op.”

English: “Closer to the troubadour existence you can't get, and in this case it also provides a collection of very beautiful songs.”
Cis Van Looy, Keys and Chords (2014)

Johnny Parry (UK)



"Johnny Parry vaults his way from being just another singer-songwriter to something more akin to the UK's equivalent of Sufjan Stevens, an artist with a distinctive musical vision."
The Independent

Joyce the Librarian (UK)




"Joyce The Librarian are Awesome"
Simon Raymonde, Amazing Radio/ Bella Union

"...this is a bold debut that will find favour in both indie and traditional music circles, making a pitch for the narrow territary between, say, Laura Marling, Noah&The Whale and the godfathers of it all, Belle&Sebastian."
Nick Churchill, FATEA

Kaurna Cronin (AUS)





 'It is easily the case here, as Kaurna Cronin’s warm voice works soft and haunting folk songs as well as happier breezier folk-rockers. His is a light touch, but there is plenty of strength underneath with the band or his acoustic guitar picking.'
David Hintz (

King Of The Tramps (USA)




"On a scale of one to ten the Joyful Noise album is a solid ten. These five talented musicians not only know the roots of rock and roll, they enrich them every time they get together and play and believe me THAT is a joyful experience to be sure."
Cveckian, The Bigfoot Diaries

Luke Philbrick & the Solid Gone skiffle Invasion (UK)




"heavy duty boogie in some sort of order ...sort of Bluesy .....but not.....sort of Gospel but not......I'd describe them as Bad Ass Hombre Boogie"
Robert Mark Smith (Bob Smith & Demob)

Nico Rivers (USA)



"Blurring the lines between indie rock and folk, Boston singer/songwriter Nico Rivers exudes a raw passion through his music."
Rob Duguay - Vanyaland (2017)





“If Maslow's Songbook was Sarah McLachlan's new release it would be hailed as her second coming"
Get Ready To Rock! (5/5)

"A really lovely record"
Bob Harris (BBC Radio 2)

Palodine (USA)






“Think of Palodine as the sonic equivalent of a Cormac McCarthy novel: a bewitching, unsettling combination of beauty and darkness; a place where gloriously ominous storm clouds are always on the horizon and terror lurks in beautiful shadows.”
Barbara Mitchell - Seattle Sound Magazine

Peter Crawford (UK)




 "...a musician with a fantastically powerful and soulful voice."
Paul Barnes, Electric Harmony

"...a great new talent..."
Vince Freeman  (BBC1's The Voice UK 2012)

Richie Ros (IRL)



“I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Richie Ros on my long running Solid Gold show on Portugal's Kiss FM. Richie Ros performed live on spec and the feedback has been brilliant. Such comment as “this guy is something special” “What chord sequences” and “touching lyrics”. Totally complementary of this ultra talented man.”
Sir Owen Gee – Kiss FM PortugalI

Riddle & The stars (AUS/USA)




"Mixing Ben Riddle and The Fallen Stars is like mixing Nick Drake and The Clash. You wish for it every night in bed until it comes true."
Rami Jaffee (Grammy winning keyboardist for The Foo Fighters and Wallflowers among others)

Rivers of England (UK)




"A beautiful album that nourishes the soul through pure musicality and sublimely sensitive songwriting. A gargantuan triumph."
Chris Vaudin

"...there is something quite wholesome, refined and altogether rather sweet about this music and the vocals are completely lovely."
Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition 2013 judge

Robert Sarazin Blake (USA)




“Blake being a master of stage presence and completely at ease, he was capable of bringing the crowd to a complete silence. His ability to make a story out of a moment, a moment every audience member is a part of no less, is the one of the best forms of concert entertainment I’ve ever experienced.”

Rosy Daze (D)




„Die Musik des Duos erinnert mit ihren englischsprachigen Texten und eingängigen Melodien an die Musik von Indiebands wie „The Shins“ oder „Mumford & Sons“. Die Lieder sind melancholisch, hoffend und sehnsüchtig, sagen Lebewohl oder feiern das Leben.“
Nordwest-Zeitung, 21.05.2013

Simon Hudson (AUS)





“Through his music, this creative Australian mind ignites a fresh and rejuvenating roots formula, tapping into the sounds and styles of Brazil, West Africa, India, and many more.” - AB Records


Southern Tenant Folk Union (UK)




"raw and earthy music that is the stuff of Mumford & Sons' dreams. Frontman Pat McGarvey's banjo butts against blunt bass notes or nicks at the fiddle's drone, and the results are as compelling as they are oppressively bleak."
The Guardian