The Cedar (UK)

"Ambidextrous arrangements, great dynamic swoops,familial banter and a veritable Womad of instruments,
….the lasting impression is one of a quite wonderful and sumptuous performance."
The Fly magazine

The Fallen Stars (USA)


"Somewhere between the wide-open stretches of Gram Parson's beloved Mojave Desert and the decaying cityscapes frequented by Bruce Springsteen shine the Fallen Stars."
The Orange County Register

The Monotrol Kid (BE)




 "...extremely well written to brilliant songs, which get better each time you listen to them."

"Music in its purest form. Melancholic songs with a warm sound."
Rif Raf

Tom Corbett  (USA)





"...a front man with pioneer spirit, lighting fast fingers, and a heart of pure California gold."
Bliss, Pasadena Weekly

Troy Petty (USA)

“Love at first listen. What an incredible talent.”
Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios

Chris Letcher (ZA/UK)



“Letcher has created a world that feels somehow more real than the one we’re living in, and when the album is over, our own world doesn’t feel quite the same.”
Etan Rosenbloom, Prefix Mag