The Pop Office Bremen actively supports the pop cultural music scene of the state of Bremen as a driving force of its cultural identity. In this sense, it acts as a funding institution, a central point of contact and advice, and a mediator between culture and politics for musicians, DJs and music creators. The support of musicians:inside. DJs and music projects is done through various funding programs.

The aim of the Pop Office Bremen is to create modern and open promotional offers for Bremen’s music landscape and pop cultural scenes that have an impact throughout the state. This does not create cannibalizing parallel structures, but rather a structurally effective musical ecosystem in which the actors inspire each other in their work and complement each other in terms of content. The development of a sustainable funding architecture, the strengthening of music creators through the use of targeted measures, as well as the initiation of e.g. free orientation consultations, coaching for young professionals and semi-professionals, tour funding, MeetUps, etc. are specific tasks here, because the formation of a pop funding structure that supports a sustainable livelihood for all music creators is essential.


Stay tuned please!