Morning Comes

by Someday Jacob

Someday Jacob: Music written, played and sung by a man called Joern Schlueter from Bremen, North Germany. The forthcoming „Morning Comes“ (out October 2011 through Songs&Whispers/Cargo) is his full-length debut. There are thirteen songs on that album, all of them can be called Singer-Songwriter or Indie-Folk or Folkpop. Schlueter has been writing songs for a number of years, sometimes for himself, sometimes for others. With Someday Jacob Schlueter is as close as it gets to the music he loves. Some of these tunes echo Paul Simon, others echo the craftsmanship of artists like Neil Finn and Ron Sexsmith.
During these last two years, friendships were built. Someday Jacob became a band, and as part of the Songwriter's network Songs&Whispers (also a record label), Schlueter started touring with many great bands from the UK like Viarosa, The Epstein, Daisy Chapman, Johnny Parry Trio, Buzzard Lope as well as german artists like Robert Carl Blank, Arne Kopfermann and Sara Lorenz. On „Morning Comes“, some of those friends are at work, e. g. Richard Neuberg (Viarosa), Nadja Rüdebusch (Binoculers) and Fiona Brice (Midlake, Placebo).


released October 14, 2011