Garden Of Deceit

by Palodine

Children of Coal Miners and Mormon Immigrants don’t usually make for good rock music candidates, but in the case of Palodine they bring with them an underlying power and intensity which tests the boundaries of dark American music. In 2006 Michael Aryn and Katrina Whitney gave us their traumatically tender and gripping debut “Desolate Son”. 2007 saw Palodine opening for such kindred musical acts as Woven Hand, Willard Grant Conspiracy and Low and in 2008 Palodine delivered their sophmore release “Garden Of Deceit”. This record offered a darker and grittier interpretation of their sound, more bombastic percussion, and heightened urgency from Michael’s guitar playing. Katrina began singing in a deeper and more resonant vocal style, while continuing to explore the Biblical imagery and symbolism that were alluded to in their prior effort. Here we witness a band evolving and working out their own demons. While “Garden of Deceit” may be a more direct and raw delivery both musically and thematically than their debut, there are also moments of introspection and vulnerability, ultimately resolving with a sense of illumination. This year the recently married duo return to the studio to record their third release “Saints of the Sea” which they predict to have a more bluesy influence in some of the material, more personal and provacative lyrics and wider dynamics from song to song.


released October 2, 2009