What About The Finches

by The Monotrol Kid

They chirp in the morning, they fly to southerly areas when it's getting colder and they build their bird's nest in old trees.
Blackbirds, robin redbreasts, song thrushes - but what about the finches? Erik van den Broeck, the man from Brussels, who is the person behind the one-man project "The Monotrol Kid" is dealing with this question. By releasing the album "What About The Finches" The Monotrol Kid shows that less is sometimes really more: He played several gigs in Europe and enthused his listeners with his minimalist instrumentation (we are talking about a guitar, sometimes a mouth harp and his feeling voice). Andorra, Ireland, Belgium and Germany are some of the countries where he was touring.
"What About The Finches" is the first album of the Belgian and includes ten songs of the best singer-songwriter-quality to be found anywhere.


released January 13, 2012