Tracks For Fans #2 pt. 1

by Axel Kruse

SONGS & WHISPERS" - "TRACKS FOR FANS" - #2 pt. 1 with Axel Kruse

This digital "S&W" - BANDCAMP bundle contains 11 audio tracks recorded live at STUDIO NORD (Bremen) and 6 sketches of Axel Kruse at the TRACKS FOR FANS session by Gerd Thume. It is the first part of the TRACKS FOR FANS #2 session of Axel Kruse and Gonne Choi.

All tracks recorded live on Friday, 11.01.2013
released February 15, 2013
Idea and concept "SONGS & WHISPERS"
Engineer Oliver Sroweleit
Album artwork Gerd Thume
released February 15, 2013