Open Doors

Axel Kruse

„Open Doors“ is the third solo album of Bremen (Germany)- based Singer-Songwriter Axel Kruse. It’s going to be released via label and music network “Songs & Whispers” (Bremen, Germany).

The official version contains 8 tracks that are reflecting the musical spectrum and diversity of the songwriter. Introverted reflexions of the experienced, offensive coming to terms and laid-back foresight into the future. All covered in fine arrangements, influenced by all kinds of stylistic elements.
Kruse is convincing in his direct authenticity. Over the years he developed his unique style, which is influenced by “Indie-Rock” and “Post-Punk” as well as experiences with celtic folk music.

Like his debut “Stones” (2002), the album was recorded with Dirk Bewig and one can notice the clarity in the sound he succeeds to create. This time there are slight shades of e-bow and accordion, or like in the last song “The Wind”, a “Shruti-Box”. Kruse’s longtime bandmate with Faite Maine, Jens Potenberg contributes his bass and guitar play and supports Kruse live. As well as Katharina-Dorothea Lichte, who is opening the album with a duet in “Looking Back”.


released January 2, 2015