Shameless Winter

by Daisy Chapman

Daisy Chapman ( (Bristol, UK)

Written on the road, whilst touring “Shameless Winter” is an honest and beautiful account of life away from home following a dream. Whether it's a song recounting the bitter European winters whilst journeying alone, or a black comedic tale of an ill-fated voyage, the tunes that comprise Daisy Chapman's new album are perceptive and strikingly performed. Daisy's voice, her most powerful instrument, soars above classical piano to almost choral proportions, whilst the melodies are supported by dramatic fiddle and swelling cello. It’s hard to draw comparison from a single musical influence – whether it’s the honest and sometimes brutal story-telling of Nick Cave, or the entwining of melody and chords like Regina Spektor, Daisy certainly knows how to craft a song, and arrange the instrumentation so that the listener is constantly engaged. What is evident, is that Chapman is a well travelled and experienced musician, and has come a long way from performing to three people at a dreary club in the Lower East Side of Manhattan when her musical journey really began.



released November 9, 2012