Red Shift

by Echo Bloom

After finishing their third studio album "Red," Brooklyn-based Americana quartet Echo Bloom embarked on a 57-date tour of Germany, Holland, and Belgium during the summer of 2016. The road (more specifically the autobahn) had become a familiar place to the band - after two earlier tours through Germany the group had logged hundreds of shows, performing in concert halls, cathedrals, bars, farmhouses, and even a prison in Bremen. Through these shows, the band and the songs of "Red" grew and evolved from the snapshots captured on the studio album. The record "Red Shift" documents that growth, showing the songs of "Red" (and some additional songs that will be on their next studio album "Green") to be living, breathing, and blooming musical statements.

Echo Bloom is led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Evans. Reared in the American Bible belt, Evans grew up on a steady diet of southern and classic rock (Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan and the Beatles). The seeds of Red were sown during an artistic pilgrimage in Berlin, where Evans retreated to work on songs for a new project. He emerged with enough material for three records, each in a different genre. The first album, "Blue" (released in 2014), is orchestral folk, and merges "celestial harmonies, thoughtful melodies, a theatrical flair and high ambition" (Lee Zimmerman, No Depression). The second album, "Red" (released in 2016), is a blend of southern rock and folk that "combines the warm vocal drawl of a country song and the drum-racing jubilance of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band" (Zach Weg, The Deli Magazine). The final album of the colors trilogy, "Green," is currently being recorded.

Evans is joined on "Red Shift" by his musical counterpart, Aviva Jaye. Jaye provides alto vocals, keyboards, and a masterful sense of tone and harmonic color. Percussionist Cody Rahn and bassist/vocalist Alex Minier form the rhythmic backbone of Echo Bloom.

"Red Shift" is a vital document of a band in motion, forging its identity on the road. We're lucky that, with this album, the band takes listeners along for the ride.


released May 5, 2017