by Richie Ros

The life story of Richie Ros is a testament to the human spirit and to the cathartic healing nature of music. Despite the trauma of his early years and growing up in an orphanage Richie has refused to let his past define him. Richie had no control over past events in his life but the one thing he did have control over was his attitude.

Fate found him David Odlum, Grammy Award winning producer formerly of The Frames, who agreed to co-produce his Debut album in his Black box studio in France. The album fittingly called Odyssey – the journey of a young boy who in spite of all the odds stacked against him had worked to create his own fairytale. The music in his soul had, in his own words, finally “set him free”.

Now Richie’s debut album has been released with tracks including "Fairytales", "Strange Mentality", "To Infinity and Beyond" and "Sweet Serenade".


released November 24, 2017

Guitars - Riche Ros, David Odlum and Martin Corcoran
Vocals - Ritchie Ros
Drums / Pecussion - Dave Hingerty
Bass - Karl Odlum
Keys - Ruth O' Mahony Brady
Trumpet - Aidan Kelly
String Arrangements - Ruth O' Mahony Brady
Backing Vocals - Ruth O' Mahoy Brady and Grainne Hunt